Zetex Fire Entry Suit FE2000-XB

The ultimate insulated suit constructed of ZETEX PLUS® high temperature fabric for maximum protection in total flame entry.

  • HOOD: Designed to be used with air mask. Inner drape flame seals. Underarm adjustment straps. Built-in shell for structural support. Hard cap with ratchet headgear. Speedy clip for hard cap support. Hardened aluminum window frame with two tempered glass lenses, plus two gold plated lenses for thermal protection.
  • COAT: Designed to be worn with a breathing apparatus. Double storm fly front. Flame seal with drawstring at coat bottom.
  • PANTS: High waist design. 2-inch wide adjustable suspenders. Adjustment straps on leg bottoms.
  • BOOTS: Designed to fit over work shoes. Rear entry with overlap snap closure and adjustable take-up straps. Insulated wire reinforced sole of flame resistant neoprene fiberglass riveted to boot cover. All straps and bindings are ZETEX PLUS®.
  • MITTS: Heavyweight all ZETEX PLUS®  construction.
  • WEIGHT: 48 lbs (22 kg).
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